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Global Executive Search in Medical Devices

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Through a pre-existing relationship between the Guided Solutions Leadership Team and the newly appointed CEO of an ambitious Nordic start-up, we were instructed to build a direct sales team across Key Western European markets including Netherlands, Germany, UK, Norway, Denmark & Sweden.

The company, based out of Finland, had developed a highly novel technology with potentially disruptive application centred on the Orthopaedic, Traumatology and Rehabilitation space. The technolog ...

Our client, a young interventional cardiology startup company with its parent entity based in Asia was expanding its commercial operations into the EMEA region. To this point, the company had been utilizing the services of consultants to map prospective markets but did not have anyone on-headcount with the required knowledge and experience. The role was conceived to move towards self-reliance. 

One of Guided Solutions key clients, a company on the cutting edge of Medical technology within the field of Orthopaedics had been expanding rapidly over a 2 year period. The company had originally spun out of a leading research institute with the sitting CEO a member of that research team. All matters of product delivery/Research & Development had, whilst the company was small enough in scale, reported directly to the CEO. As sales began to exponentially increase, so to did the administr ...

Guided Solutions were instructed by one of the key global players in the field of Pulmonology focused Medical Devices to identify and recruit a new Marketing leader. The company have a global presence, with market-leading technology endorsed by an exhaustive KOL network. The position of VP Marketing had originally been UK based but the new business strategy meant that the role was moving across to Canada to enable hands-on development of the North American organisation. ...

Our client, a leading source of innovation within the field of Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging had historically focussed their commercial activities on the US market. The recruitment of a VP Global Sales was a definite step towards the penetration of APAC and EMEA markets, which to this point had been largely untapped. The potential scale of the role related almost entirely to the vision and skill of the chosen candidate, in very real terms the future prosperity of the business re ...

Guided Solutions connected with a young pre-commercialisation stage Start-up Medical Device Company based out of a relatively remote location in Norway. The company had developed a technology for use in ICU.

With further funding, trials and regulatory hoops to be jumped through, the company were looking to find an individual who would relish the challenge set out by the market conditions and the challenging timelines the company had set for reaching evolving milestones. 

Guided Solutions had a long and successful consulting relationship with a client who, up until the hire in question had limited their operations to the UK and Ireland.

In the years preceding this appointment the company had made a number of strategic acquisitions of smaller Medical Device Manufacturers which gradually served to increase the scope of the commercial operation. One such technology which they had acquired within the Regenerative Medicine space had competitor p ...

After notable success in the North & LATAM markets one of the fastest growing companies within the Surgical market decided to launch their product into the EMEA market for the first time. The company were looking to bring in a new individual to drive energy and growth through the fledgling European Leadership team and European market. This role was the key hire for the entire company during the time frame as they opened new clinical training Centres.




One of Guided Solutions long-standing clients had a requirement to greatly increase the scale of their Research & Development engineering function in order to support and continue to implement product innovations being developed. The company have a novel and disruptive technology used within medical imaging which has precipitated a paradigm shift in the way practitioners carry out procedures in the therapy area.

Our client, a Biologics company with a particular focus on the Dermatology market engaged Guided Solutions in a search to locate and recruit a Global Medical Advisor. The position became a business necessity due to an acquisition made by our client. The new blend of products created by the amalgam of the two businesses required a central figure to harness and manage overall clinical strategy. The company had not taken public the news of their planned expansion at the beginning of the search r ...

Guided Solutions identified a company and technology within the cardiology market which was nearing a phase of existence where robust business development would soon be required. The company were looking for a VP Business Development to commence European commercial activity for their 18 month old project. The company gained some traction for their product within relevant clinical circles. The benefits of the new technology, if they could be brought to market, were highly sought after.

Our client is a high technology oncology business operating at the forefront of innovation within their field. When our partnership began more than four years ago the business was over 10 years old, with a market leading technology and an ambitious CEO looking to build out the organisation to let the product reach as many physicians and patients as possible. 

Through a number of key hires in strategic leadership functions, Guided Solutions has helped to catalyse gr ...

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