GE Healthcare acquires Prismatic Sensors for photon counting CT technology
GE Healthcare acquires Prismatic Sensors for photon counting CT technology

Prismatic Sensors is involved in the research and development of photon-counting detectors for computed tomography.

Medical technology company GE Healthcare has acquired Prismatic Sensors, a Swedish start-up with expertise in photon counting detectors, for an undisclosed sum.

Prismatic Sensors is engaged in the research and development of photon counting detectors for computed tomography (CT) to improve contrast and spatial resolution at reduced radiation dose.

In 2012, Prismatic Sensors was established as a spin-off from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Photon counting computed tomography (PCCT) technology is said to hold the potential to create a new standard of care in oncology, cardiology, neurology, and multiple other clinical CT applications.

Prismatic Sensors offers deep silicon detector technology for PCCT applications

Prismatic Sensors is specialised in offering deep silicon detector technology for PCCT applications. The company designs integrated circuits, high precision mechanical solutions, physics, software, algorithms and mathematics for image reconstruction.

PCCT is said to have the potential to further expand the clinical capabilities of traditional CT, including the visualisation of minute details of organ structures, improved tissue characterisation, precise material density measurement and lower radiation dose.

GE researchers, which commenced studying PCCT in 1993, launched the world’s first PCCT prototype using cadmium-based detectors in 2006.

GE Healthcare is expected to complete the acquisition of Prismatic Sensors by January 2021. The company has a minority stake in the company since 2017.

GE Healthcare president and CEO Kieran Murphy said: “We believe this technology has the potential to be a substantial step forward for CT imaging to establish a new standard of care and eventually improve clinical outcomes for millions of patients worldwide.

“From the first x-ray machines to the first photon counting CT prototype, GE Healthcare is committed to pioneering next generation technologies to achieve precision health and improve lives. We are excited about this cutting-edge approach with Deep Silicon and its clinical potential.”

Recently, GE Healthcare entered into a partnership with integrated cancer and cardiovascular care provider GenesisCare to improve outcomes for cancer and heart disease patients.

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