Bupa partners with Well.Me partner for workplace health tracking tool
Bupa partners with Well.Me partner for workplace health tracking tool

UK-based employee health monitoring service Well.Me has partnered with Bupa to expand employee health tracking in UK workplaces, with a potential roll-out to over two million employees

As part of the partnership, the Lincolnshire-based digital tracking and analytics service will install their unique health monitoring stations in selected workplaces of Bupa Health Service’s business customers, as well as integrating their health tracking software into the Bupa Be.Me app.

Bupa aims to introduce the app to insurance customers in the future.


The app, which will be available to customers who attend one of Bupa Health Clinics’ new health assessments, will enable customers to record various health and wellbeing metrics such as blood pressure, resting heart rate and BMI.

The health monitoring stations, or Wellpoints, will allow employees to monitor their physical health measurements at dedicated stations and will upload the data to the Be.Me digital platform alongside other factors such as exercise, nutrition and sleep.

This comprehensive monitoring system will help employees to track and understand their fitness, health and wellbeing profile, identifying trends and enabling them to make necessary positive lifestyle changes provided through actionable information and suggestions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses increasingly aware of the individual health of their employees and the impact ill-health can have on their business.

In September, Well.Me competitors Delfin Health and Onfido partnered to expand the Klarity health data management platform to ensure UK employees could return to work safely. Medical Solutions, a private provider of remote GP services, also intensified its partnership with Alliance Health Group to launch its round-the-clock virtual GP service, GP24, aimed at employees. 


Managing director at Bupa Health Clinics Sarah Melia says of the merger: “There has never been a time when the monitoring and management of health has been more important. Well.Me has been an integral partner in the delivery of the Be.Me app and together with the deployment of Wellpoints we hope to make a real impact in improving the health of the nation’s workforce.”

Keith Lewis, CEO of Well.Me, adds: “The COVID pandemic has focussed attention on the nation’s health and particularly the risks of obesity. The regular tracking of health metrics has been proven to make a major difference with our figures showing that 58% of obese people losing weight, while of those with high blood pressure over 80% saw a decrease. By expanding this health tracking across Bupa’s insurance clients in the UK, there is the real potential to change millions of people’s lives for the better.

“The provision of health monitoring and tracking by Bupa Health Services for its business clients opens up a new world of health management for employees. The COVID-19 crisis has shown us the importance of maintaining optimal health and the need to manage conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure. Through the Be.Me app, users will have the tools to monitor and track their key health metrics and we are delighted that Well.Me has been able to play a major role in delivering this service.”

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