Our Executive Search Methodology | Medical Device Recruitment
  • I

    Developing the Specification

    Every process we have successfully completed at Guided Solutions has begun with an open transfer of knowledge. We listen to and understand what you are looking for and work with you to develop ideas and theories into specific, achievable hiring objectives.  

  • II

    Market Mapping

    Internally, our team of researchers are continually refining our understanding of talent, how it is developing and how it is adapting. We implement the specification we have mapped out and screen it against market realities, planning the routes by which we will find the specialists you need. 

  • III

    Talent Identification & Initial Appraisal

    Using each of our prescribed channels, we will identify your candidate longlist. This initial selection will then pass through a preliminary screening to more closely determine skill set specifics and projected compatibility with your company culture. 

  • IV

     GS Compass Reading 

    A shortlist of candidates are then selected to pass through our rigorous, cloud-based candidate appraisal process, GS Compass. The process is designed to interpret potential employees' profiles more deeply than any traditional methodology is able to. 

  • V


    To ensure the smoothest possible transition from the assessment phase to the hiring phase, we offer continued support, working with you to manage this imperative and delicate part of the process.